How drones can support security surveillance at major events

by | Feb 9, 2023 | Use Cases

The use of drones can considerably improve the overview of big events for security staff. They also prove to complement an existing surveillance camera system.

In this blog, we have already covered many different use cases for the use of drones, such as for inspecting solar plants. This time we want to focus on what drones can do to keep major events safe.

Excellent addition to any security concept

Time again, drones proved to be an excellent addition to any security concept involving big events with hundreds or even thousands of people attending. With their ability to move to a point of interest within minutes or even seconds, they are a huge asset. After all, security staff is often faced with the challenge of keeping an overview when incidents happen in a big crowd.

Whenever there is a suspicion of danger, it is essential for security officers to get a clear and immediate image of the situation to assess the need for an intervention. However, the bigger the crowd is, the tougher it gets for staff to reach the location in question. A drone can easily solve this problem since it can get where it is required in no time.

Testing at a Finnish amusement park

A test in the Finnish town of Tampere showed how effective the use of UAVs can be. The management of the local amusement park wanted to test out the use of drones at two of their summer events. This included one community event of the local hockey club and a concert in the evening.

The results were impressive. The team reported that with the help of the drones, they were able to get a clear picture of several alarming situations. Drones reached the location within a maximum of two minutes.

Drones complement surveillance cameras

But doesn’t an existing network of surveillance cameras make drones obsolete? No, as it turns out. On the contrary, drones complement surveillance drones. Cameras help to observe certain areas constantly. But as soon as an incident arises, drones provide a much better and more detailed picture of the situation. Their big advantage is their agility and ability to view an object or person from various angles.

New possibilities through drone-in-a-box

The drone industry sees a new trend arising that could open up whole new possibilities also for surveillance. Drone-in-the-box is a concept that more and more UAV manufacturers are exploring. Most prominently, the market leader DJI with their DJI Dock.

What the concept means is that a fixed box can be installed e.g. on a rooftop. It hosts a drone that can be operated remotely or even programmed to fly at a particular schedule or when specific other conditions are met. This will allow security staff to call in a drone for e.g. an event whenever needed from a nearby location at any given time.

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