DJI Dock in action for the first time (Video)

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At AirWorks 2022 conference in Las Vegas, market leader DJI presented their latest product: the DJI Dock. We were there to take a first look at the device that has the potential to revolutionize the drone industry.

Last week drone enthusiasts and professionals from around the world came together at DJI’s AirWorks show in Las Vegas. And what everyone was waiting for was the first demo of the market leader’s drone-in-a-box solution, the DJI Dock. And the expectations were not disappointing. DJI presented a fully functional Dock at the parking lot of the Mirage Hotel.

A completely autonomous system

DJI Dock on display at AirWorks 2022 in Las VegasWhat makes this device so special is that it can be stationed anywhere – only access to the internet and electricity grid is required. Once installed, it can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world and launch a drone flight anytime.

The Dock houses a Matrice 30 drone with light modifications. What makes this M30 different is that it is equipped with charging docks to allow it to charge wirelessly inside the Dock. This makes the Dock completely autonomous.

Furthermore, it comes with a weather station, including wind and rain sensors, to ensure weather conditions are suitable for a lift-off. With an additional camera, the pilot can check the surroundings of the dock remotely.

A potential game-changer

The technology is impressive, no doubt. And the use cases for this product are endless. With the DJI Dock, regular flights in the same area or even scheduled surveillance and maintenance flights become much more manageable. The pilot does not need to be on-site any longer.

And even though this is not the first drone-in-a-box solution, what makes the DJI Dock special is that it comes at an affordable price of just around 35.000 USD. No doubt, this price point will make the dock a product for the masses.

Watch the DJI Dock in action

In the video below, you can see the Dock in action for the first time during the first demo in Las Vegas. You can see the Matrice 30 starting and landing from it.

DJI is planning to launch the dock in Q2 2023. Once it is available, you will also find it for rent on our platform.



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