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by | Oct 6, 2022 | Partnership

Drone-Rental and Coverdrone are happy to announce their collaboration as insurance partners in providing excellent combined offers for their customers.

There are many things to consider when using a drone in a business context. One of them is good insurance coverage to be covered for any eventualities. Because unfortunately, a lot can go wrong when flying a drone. Technology is evolving all the time and modern drones use collision avoidance systems. Still, you can, unfortunately, never entirely rule out accidents.

Be sure to have coverage

And not only that. Did you know that invading somebodies privacy with a drone can result in claims against you as an operator? And what if the drone gets stolen or simply disappears? All those are unwanted and unfortunate incidents, but it is important to be covered against them. In fact, did you know that every UAV operator within the EU needs to have liability insurance by law (EU regulation EC 785/2004)?

But here comes the good news. Our new partner, Coverdrone covers you in all the above-mentioned cases and makes sure you are legally covered for all drone flights in the EU and worldwide. Coverdrone offers competitive custom, short-term drone insurance for any kind of drone project. This complements our rental offers perfectly since it frees our clients from the trouble of finding suitable insurance for their operations.

In case of an incident, Coverdrone replaces the lost drone with precisely the same make and model. And their policies allow for as many drones and operators as your company requires.

Smoother and safer thanks to flexible insurance

The partnership between Drone-Rental and Coverdrone provides a worry-less customer experience to professional UAV operators for short- and long-term, project-based drone services.

How it works: Upon reservation of your professional UAV with us, visit Coverdrone to get a quote and insurance from Coverdrone directly. You can then upload your insurance policy to your account as proof of insurance.

We wish you safe flying – and in case something goes wrong, Coverdrone has got you covered!



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