5 reasons why renting a drone is the smarter move

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Business

The benefits of renting drones for a limited time appear evident for companies that require them for specific projects. Drones are not an integral part of your business? Still, there are several reasons why you should consider renting instead of buying.

1) Focus on your core business.

Every business owner figures out at some point that it is essential to focus on your core business and operations. You need to leave supporting tasks to someone else. This is as true for drone management as it is for accounting, distributions and other business fields. Renting your drones instead of buying them essentially means that you outsource sourcing, stock keeping, and, most importantly, maintenance. That is time and money saved that is undoubtedly better invested in your core operations.

2) Accommodate peak demand.

If you are or have been working with drones, you know that the demand for them is not always the same throughout the year. There are peak times when more devices are required e.g. during specific projects, during inspection season, during incidents, and during natural disasters. Renting is certainly the smarter option here to keep your investments and your own stock low.

3) Use top equipment abroad.

We live in a globalized world, and businesses operate internationally. For projects abroad, it can indeed pay off to rent the required devices locally or get them shipped to the required destination. That means traveling hassle-free with light baggage. Your equipment will be waiting for you at your hotel, airport, or work site. Furthermore, this leaves your colleagues at home with the full fleet and does not tie down any devices that the team might require for other projects.

4) Work with cutting-edge technology through renting.

Drone technology is developing rapidly. And cutting-edge technology might give you a competitive advantage or buy you the time you need for specific projects. By renting drones, you can always be sure to have access to the newest devices on the market. Benefit from specialized cutting sensors, new features, or whole new projects and pay only a fraction of the price compared to buying.

5) Rent before you buy.

Even if you have a long-term need for a drone, renting might prove an attractive option just to test a certain model or equipment set to the core. Renting allowed you to asses usability, test workflows, and integrate with existing IT systems. Once you have done some extensive testing, you can be sure that the investment into your own devices of the same make is worth it and will benefit your business.

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