Why renting drones is a game changer

by | Jul 22, 2022 | Business

The need for short-term rental of equipment is ever-present in a field that is as innovation-driven as robotics. There are various use cases for renting drones. Common setups could be field-trialing competing products before procurement, on-demand use for production work as well as reducing logistics complexity for remote projects, to only name a few.

With drone-rental.com we make this process simple, streamlined, and efficient. Our fully automated self-service platform offers a user-friendly booking and checkout process. Once an order has been placed, we quick delivery the ordered equipment.

Renting tackles several common issues at once

Rental solves several problems commonplace in our industry. Here are a few issues that can be tackled by renting drones:

  • Drone use is often seasonal and weather-dependent.
  • Renting allows efficient utilization over the entire European continent, across time zones, climate regions, and national borders.
  • Industrial operators may require robotic support during the maintainable season, while public safety users may need to operate in the most adverse weather conditions or even during natural disasters. 

With drone-rental.com we are offering a robust fleet for all of these needs.

Bespoke data services and a network of partners are still in development but will eventually complete our service offerings. Contact us with your specific need, and we will find a solution that accommodates your data gathering, processing, or provisioning needs.

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Boris Traskov
Boris is the CEO of drone-rental.com and an expert on drones. He has worked with several heavyweights from the industry and knows the field inside out. Boris keeps up with all the latest trends in drone technology and has made it his mission to make cutting-edge drone tech available for all businesses. While he loves what he's doing, this, unfortunately, leaves him little time to fly a drone himself.