Announcement: First Docked Drone bookable in the Netherlands

by | May 4, 2023 | Announcement launches its new Docked Drone Operations with the first remotely controlled drone located in the Netherlands.

Earlier this year, we announced that will launch a completely new and unique offering in summer 2023: Docked Drone Operations. We are happy to announce that the first docked drone is available for booking.

DJI Dock is available to book before its official launch in Europe

This is a unique new offering, and the first of its kind worldwide. With, you can book and fly a docked drone remotely from litterally anywhere in the world. That way there is no need to travel to a destination, and spend time and money on accommodations. You can book the drone online, plan a mission and execute it in real-time from the comfort of your desk.

Unique new remote drone service

Just like all other drones that will be added to our platform, this one is a drone-in-a-box system. Meaning that the drone is installed in a fixed location in a so-called dock from which it can start and to which it returns to. The device is a DJI Dock housing a Matrice 30. This drone can execute missions of up to 41 minutes. After that, it has to return to the dock to recharge.

The drone in the Netherlands is the first of a handful of devices that we will shortly make available to book on our platform. The devices are DJI Docks. We make the technology available to our customers before the DJI Dock officially hits the European market.

First drone in the Amsterdam area

Our first drone is located in Almere in the Netherlands and operated by our partner Droneland. Almere is near Amsterdam. The drone can be flown in a radius of 5 kilometers around its location. You can already book your flight with the drone right away. We offer four time slots per day of five hours each, during which you have full access to the device.

Booking is only possible for companies and the drones can only be flown by certified drone pilots. More locations will follow shortly. You will find them from our Docked Drone location map.

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