Autonomous Docked Drone Almere, Netherlands

800,00  ex. VAT 5 hours

You can book this autonomous docked drone directly online and control it remotely.

The drone station is located in Almere, Netherlands, and is available 24/7.

You can reach facilities within a 5 km radius of this location. For this drone’s exact location and reach, please see the map below in the description.

— Available slots from July 2023 —



This docked drone is a DJI Dock housing a DJI Matrice 30, which starts, lands, and recharges automatically and remotely.
You can book and fly this autonomous drone for five hours at a time. The drone will be fully charged at the beginning of your booked time slot. However, remember that the drone can only fly missions of up to 41 minutes, after which it must recharge. On average, charging from 10 – 90% will take around 25 minutes.

The autonomous drone is controlled through the DJI FlightHub, to which you will get access for the time of your booked slot. You will not be able to control the drone directly in the air but will have to pre-assign a mission with a route it will execute. After booking, we will give you more specific instructions on how to set up the mission and use FlightHub.

Location and reach

The device is a DJI Dock in Almere, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands.