Drone-in-a-box: A must for real estate marketing

by | Apr 13, 2023 | Use Cases

Drone-in-a-box is a particularly interesting technology for the real estate industry. Here we highlight five reasons every realtor should look into docked drones.

Drones are already widely used in the real estate industry as a new way to capture aerial footage. They provide a unique perspective on properties and allow real estate professionals to showcase properties in a new and exciting way.

And even though drones are already established in the real estate industry, the new technology of drone-in-a-box still brings usability to a new level. Here are five reasons why drone-in-a-box is a game changer for real estate:

Automated and Convenient

One of the key advantages of using drone-in-a-box technology is the ability to program the system. The autonomous drone can take off and land automatically. This makes it an ideal solution for real estate professionals who want to capture aerial footage of properties without the hassle of manually operating a drone. With a drone in a box, real estate professionals can program the system and let it do the rest. Ultimately, this frees up time and resources for other important tasks.

Time and Cost Efficient

Another benefit of using drone-in-a-box technology is the time and cost savings it can offer. Real estate professionals avoid hiring a dedicated pilot for every aerial shoot since the drone is fully autonomous. Sequentially, that saves time and money. Drone-in-a-box systems can be deployed quickly and easily, allowing fast and efficient data capture.

Consistent and High-Quality Real Estate Footage

Drone-in-a-box systems use advanced sensors and cameras to capture consistent, high-quality footage across multiple flights. This ensures that real estate professionals can get the best possible footage of a property. So, there is no need to worry about the quality of the footage changing from one flight to the next. After all, consistent and high-quality footage is essential for effectively creating compelling marketing materials and showcasing properties.

Increased Safety

Drone-in-a-box systems are designed to operate autonomously. This reduces the risk of accidents and human error. It can help ensure the safety of the real estate professional and any potential buyers or clients. With a drone in a box, there is no need for a human pilot. Essentially, this reduces the risk of injury or damage to property.

Improved Real Estate Marketing

Obviously, with stunning aerial footage and imagery, drone-in-a-box technology can help real estate professionals market properties more effectively. Aerial footage can provide a unique perspective on a property. It highlights features that might not be visible from the ground. Also, it gives potential buyers a better sense of the property’s layout and surroundings. This can help to attract more interest and leads, ultimately leading to more successful sales.

To summarize, using drone-in-a-box technology for real estate can effectively save time and money, improve safety, and provide high-quality marketing materials. With the ability to capture stunning aerial footage automatically and consistently, real estate professionals can showcase properties in a new and exciting way, attracting more interest and generating more sales.

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