Drone solutions
for construction sites

How drones are deployed on construction sites

Drones are used on construction sites to monitor construction, conduct inspections as well as for maintenance. With a drone, you can inspect buildings in order to detect corrosion and leaks, assess thermal balances, check pipes, tunnels and roads. But they can as well be used to clean roofs in no-time, and safely transport material.

Progress assessment & safety planning

Drones are used on construction sites to capture aerial footage of the progress of the project. This footage can be used to help with planning, monitoring, and safety. They play a crucial role as they enable your team to ensure that the construction workers are adhering to the safety guidelines. They can also be used to conduct inspections of the construction site and the surrounding area for safety purposes.


Additionally, drones can be used for maintenance purposes to check the condition of the construction site and to identify any potential problems.


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