Product Spotlight: Remote ID for any UAV with Dronetag Mini

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Dronetag Mini equips every UAV with a Remote ID. The device is compatible with any drone – and is now available on

If you plan to fly a drone within the European Union, there are a couple of requirements you need to fulfill to be compliant. Amongst other things, your UAV needs to be equipped with a so-called Remote-ID.

A Remote ID is required throughout the EU

A Remote ID is more or less a digital license plate for your drone. It allows other air traffic participants to become aware of and identify your drone. This avoids accidents and keeps the sky safe. The trouble is, though, that many drones you can buy on the market today do not come with a Remote-ID built in.

The Czech company Dronetag solves precisely that issue. With their Dronetag Mini, they now offer a simple solution for all drone pilots. The device is not much bigger than half a muesli bar, weighs just about 30 g, and adds the Remote ID function to virtually any drone. No matter the manufacturer or model that you fly, Dronetag has you covered.

Dronetag sends data in real-time

The Dronetag Mini, which covers both types of Remote ID – Network & Direct, receives its coordinates from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and EGNOS satellites. Along with the drone’s identification, it sends this information to the Dronetag Cloud in real-time. The transmission takes place over a mobile network. At the same time, the Mini also sends its location via Bluetooth to everyone within a short range.

Furthermore, the Mini includes an extension port for connecting and remote control of third-party peripheral devices. And don’t worry about the battery life. This lightweight stays powered for 14 hours straight with only one charge.

More convenience with the free mobile app

Alongside, as an essential part of the Dronetag ecosystem, comes a handy mobile app. It allows you to plan your flights, manage your inventory and, most importantly, comply with the new European Remote ID regulation. The app is available for mobile devices (both iOS and Android) but also for the web and can be downloaded for free.

Are you planning to lift off in an EU country and are still missing a Remote-ID solution? Then Dronetag is for you. You can either buy it directly at Dronetag’s webshop or simply rent it here at for as long as you need it.

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