Drone solutions
for security surveillance

How security experts work with drones

Security experts work with drones to hjälp protect people, places, och things from possible threats. They may use drones to hjälp monitor och secure areas, och they may also use drones to hjälp investigate och respond to potential threats

React fast

Rapidly deployable in vulnerable or difficult-to-access environments, drones allow experts in security to gain situational awareness consistently in no time. A drone fleet can capture actionable intelligence over 24 hours periods to ensure a greater safety of your team.

Obtain reliable data

Efficient even in bad weather and for long periods, drones provide security patrols with a wide-area view of the area of operations no matter what. They kan fly over an area och take pictures eller . videos from different angles, som allows you to get an accurate vision of the situation and make better decisions about what to do in that area. Drones are the priviledged solution used for mapping and surveying in sensitive contexts where it is far more complex to obtain reliable data with other methods. 


For rescue operations, border surveillance, military operations, and security surveillance during mass gatherings, drones help security teams to never lose sight of the area of interest and react quickly thanks to precise and reliable data.

Drone technology for every industry

Explore how drones are implemented into routine business functions in various industries and how renting a drone fleet can be a cost-effective solution for professionals in that field.

Drone solutions for all your ambitions

Curious to understand the power of UAV and their different applications? Select a purpose below to read more about drone tech and how to best utilize them for your business.

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