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Drone-Rental is happy to announce its partnership with flight planning software DroneHarmony.

The beauty of drones is that they can be programmed to fly predesigned tracks autonomously. That way, areas and sites can be inspected repeatedly with ease and without the risk of manual errors. What it needs for that is suitable and reliable software.

DroneHarmony from Switzerland is a platform that allows for the planning and execution of scheduled drone flights. The software automates mission planning in the most challenging vertical inspection scenarios. It guarantees high-quality and reproducible data collection by pilots with minimal training.

Flight planning with the device of your choice

DroneHarmony is hardware agnostic. In other words, users can design their routes on their chosen devices. Everything is supported, whether web, iOS, Android, or DJI monitors, including the DJI Smart Controller / RC Pro or CrystalSky. It supports various DJI drones ranging from the older phantom series to the state-of-the-art DJI Matrice 300 and the Parrot Anafi Ai.

Furthermore, the platform generates 2D and 3D drone mission previews in seconds. After planning, the inspection is a matter of a few clicks. Anyone with minimal training will be returning from the field with high-quality data.

The software is a true game changer, for example, in the inspection of industrial sites, cell phone towers, and power lines, as well as in terrain mapping.

Pre-installed on all our M300RTK drones

We want to make those assets available to all our customers. Therefore, Drone-Rental and DroneHarmony now partner to make vertical flight planning accessible to rental customers and short-term projects.

From now on, our fleet of DJI Matrice 300 RTK drones will come with the ready-installed DroneHarmony software on the remote controllers. In other words, users only sign in using their existing DroneHarmony accounts or use the free 14-day trial offer for new customers.

In conclusion, this enables existing DroneHarmony users to use their preferred software on temporarily rented drones quickly. New users can use state-of-the-art software and hardware out-of-the-box with their ready-to-fly drone from

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