Ogłoszenie: Drone-Rental.com Now Ships to all EU Countries

utworzone przez | lis 9, 2022 | Ogłoszenie

Just in time for the Startup Conference Slush in Helsinki, the Frankfurt-based drone rental platform drone-rental.com widens its offering to the whole European Union. Starting November 9, 2022, all equipment available on Drone-Rental.com can now ship to any address inside the EU.

Drone-Rental.com started its operations in July 2022 and provides enterprise UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and additional equipment to commercial companies and governmental institutions. Due to the enormous success of the service in Germany, BT Engineering and Consulting, the company behind the platform, now decided to expand the service area to all EU countries.

Shipping anywhere within the EU

“Since we received requests from all around Europe just after launching our platform, we decided to make our service available to more countries as soon as possible.”, says CEO Boris Traskov. “We now found reliable logistics partners to allow us to provide our service to customers in all 27 countries.”

Drone-Rental’s fleet ranges from smaller drones suitable for aerial photography and filming to big industrial machines equipped for maintenance and surveillance jobs. Devices and equipment can be rented on a weekly basis, both short and long-term and are an excellent solution for off-site projects, to balance out peak times, and to support mass events or rescue operations.

New office in Helsinki, Finland

To strengthen its international expansion and especially its business in the Nordics, Drone-Rental.com furthermore opened an office in Helsinki, Finland, in October 2022.

As early as next year, Drone-Rental.com is planning to expand to even more countries. Moreover, it will also widen its product and service portfolio further.

Kontynuacja czytania

Borys Traskow
Boris jest dyrektorem generalnym drone-rental.com i ekspertem w dziedzinie dronów. Współpracował z kilkoma ważnymi osobistościami z branży i zna ten obszar na wylot. Boris śledzi wszystkie najnowsze trendy w technologii dronów i uczynił swoją misję, aby najnowocześniejsza technologia dronów była dostępna dla wszystkich firm. Choć kocha to, co robi, to niestety nie ma czasu na samodzielne latanie dronem.