Drone solutions
for real estate

How drones take real estate to the next level

Drones are used by real estate agents to capture stunning views of the entire property and land as well as indoor pictures and there’s more to that.

A virtual visit as realistic as it can get

This footage can give potential buyers or renters a better sense of the property’s size, layout, and features. Drones really enable to render dimensions and spatial relationships realistically, which gives a major advantage compared to the good old-fashioned pictures. 

Visualizing the neighbourhood

With drones, real estate ads are now showing the neighbourhood, the drive to the school or work or even the conditions of the roof.Drones can also be used to capture footage of neighborhoods, which can help people decide whether or not they want to live there.

Drone imagery sells better

In the real estate industry, the added-value of drone aerial shots and videos have been measured and they sell significantly better according to a study by MSL shared all over the Internet.


Drone technology for every industry

Explore how drones are implemented into routine business functions in various industries and how renting a drone fleet can be a cost-effective solution for professionals in that field.

Drone solutions for all your ambitions

Curious to understand the power of UAV and their different applications? Select a purpose below to read more about drone tech and how to best utilize them for your business.

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