Témoignage client : Un drone pour un voyage de conférence

par | Nov 11, 2022 | Témoignages de clients

Comment Perceptual Robotics a bénéficié de l'un de nos drones de location lors de sa participation à la conférence WindEnergy Hamburg.

Renting a drone can come in handy in many situations. In some cases, customers might not even require the UAVs to actually fly. Just like Perceptual Robotics, who simply needed a drone for their exhibition at the annual WindEnergy Conference in Hamburg.

Perceptual Robotics provides inspections of wind turbines with the help of autonomous drones within minutes. Their solution provides wind turbine operators with high-quality data that helps them to predict and plan maintenance work. The method is not just fast and efficient but also very cost-efficient. The company uses AI and scalable cloud systems to process thousands of images per hour. This reduces costly blade expert time, and minimizes expensive errors.

Conference travels made easier

“Planning and delivery were very good. The drone was as expected.”, says COO Dimitris Nikolaidis. Renting a drone for a week and having it shipped directly to where they needed it made travelling considerably easier for the Perceptual Robotics team. After all, transporting their own Matrice 300 RTK all the way from the UK to the conference in Germany would have caused considerable extra hustle. Thanks to Drone-Rental.com, the drone was waiting for Nikolaidis and his colleagues at their hotel in Hambourg, ready to use during their short stay in Germany.

And even if the drone was not required to fly in Hamburg, it was still essential for Perceptual Robotics to have it along to present their own maintenance solutions to customers and prospects at the event in Hamburg.

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